Bikes and Public Transit

ddot-brochureBiking can make public transit a better option and vice versa. A bike can get you to a transit stop or your final destination faster. Using transit can make a long bike trip more reasonable.

Fortunately public transit in Detroit accommodates bikes.


Bike racks are installed on most of the DDOT buses and there is no additional fee to use them. Space on the rack is available on a first-come, first-served basis. DDOT has a Bikes on Buses User Guide that provides more information on this service.


All SMART Fixed Route buses have bike racks. Like DDOT, there is no additional charge to use them. For more information, visit their web page on how to use the bike rack or watch their short video.

Detroit People Mover

Bicycles are allowed on the People Mover. Nearly all of the People Mover stations also have bike racks.


Bicycles are currently not allowed on the Wolverine line which services Detroit. They are allowed on the Blue Water line which runs from Port Huron to Chicago via Lansing and Battle Creek.

Transit Windsor

While Transit Windsor buses have bike racks, the Windsor Tunnel Bus does not allow it to be used. In our meeting with them, they told us Ontario regulations prevent them from using the racks outside of Windsor. Also, having the racks deployed effectively lengthens the bus, making it more difficult for their drivers to navigate the tight tunnel turns on the U.S. side.

Due to licensing regulations, bike racks cannot be deployed during tunnel bus services, including transportation to Comerica Park or Ford Field.  Persons may disassemble their bike and board the bus with it in a bike bag. Note: If bus is full, bringing the bike bag on board is at the discretion of the driver.

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