Biking on the new bridge to Canada

2009 Bike the Bridge eventIn prior times, bicyclists could get between Detroit and Windsor via the ferry service or the Ambassador Bridge. Neither of those are an option today.

It’s a shame because both cities have wonderful bike trails and routes. Ontario’s wine country is a 28 mile bike ride away and mostly on a rural trail. Or if you’re more ambitious, there is now a bike route from Windsor to Montreal.

And let’s not forget the other side of tourism. There are many Canadians wanting to ride in Detroit. Windsor is easily accessible by VIA Rail, which offers bike roll-on service.

While Detroit is building a 26-mile Inner Circle Greenway, Windsor is building a 26-mile bike route called the Windsor Loop. The bridge can connect them both for an epic, international riding option.

What is the Detroit Greenways Coalition doing about re-establishing international crossings for bicyclists?

Plenty, and now we’ve documented that with a new web page called, Bicycling access between Detroit and Windsor.

The only downside to this discussion is the timeline. The new bridge is at least five years away and ferry service is unknown.


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  1. Todd and all, can’t thank you enough for your efforts on re-establishing this international link! I used to write the Detroit City Council to try to convince them the city is losing a lot of money because of this restriction. The no. of people coming over for the Jazz Festival alone would bring in quite a bit of revenue.

    I also remember fondly riding with the Neighborhood Club Nomads across the bridge down to a German pastry shop in Amherstburg. I’m looking forward when Detroiters will be able to do that again!

    • Thanks! We also wrote a resolution in support of biking on the new bridge that was passed by the Detroit City Council. The City of Detroit is also one of the partners in this project. There is local support. We just need to work through federal issues primarily related to customs and border protection.

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