Help Wanted

As a relatively new non-profit, we could certainly benefit from donated time and products. Email us at if you are interested in helping.

Current needs

We need help in creating a new logo for our Friend of Bicyclists program. The need is rather immediate as we plan to roll this program out in the Spring.

We are seeking sponsors that can help us create a video of the planned Inner Circle Greenway. Our budget is $1,500 which includes shooting drone footage along 8.3 miles of abandoned rail corridor. The final product will be a promotional video for the project, where we will also recognize project sponsors. We believe this video will help us secure the necessary additional funding to make this trail a reality. Completed thanks to our generous donors!

We need a used laptop in order to verify that our new portable bike counters are actually counting. The laptop doesn’t need to be fast, new, or pretty. Windows XP is adequate, but it does need to have Bluetooth. This donation would be tax deductible. Completed thanks to our generous donors!


  1. Hello,

    I’m a local young professional, avid bicycler, and am interested/excited about the inner circle project. I am curious what it plans on doing while running through areas like Hamtramck. Will it just be a bike path on the street 🙁 or will you follow suite with the ” bike woodward” plan? Their plan is to make a raised cycle lane adjacent to woodward.

    • Frank, The design hasn’t been determined yet. However, there will likely be at least two different Hamtramck designs due to the different roads widths. Where possible, protected bike lanes will likely be called for. However, there is much less room between the Jos Campau curbs from Caniff to Holbrook, so it may just be bike lanes with traffic calming at this time. The design team working on this is one of the best in the U.S. and we’ve been very pleased with some of the preliminary designs so far. They are very progressive.

    • There’s no single, up to date map with all of the non-motorizing planning. We’re having discussions with the City about creating one. The City does have this map that shows projects planned through 2017. We have limited printed quantities of our Greenway Network Vision from 2009.

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