DGC-logo-1Our VISION is a strong, healthy, vibrant City of Detroit and region where a seamless network of greenways, green spaces, blue ways and complete streets is an integral part of people’s active lifestyle including day-to-day transportation and recreation.

The Detroit Greenways Coalition (DGC) works to promote and build a network of greenways and bike lanes that will connect people and places, improve the quality of life, beautify neighborhoods, and stimulate neighborhood-level economic development in Detroit.

Our MISSION is to create, conserve and promote greenways and green spaces in order to connect people, places and nature.

We will collaborate to create a city-wide and regional Greenway vision, purpose and infrastructure.  Work to develop a collective imagination that is focused on a comprehensive greenway system for the City of Detroit. We strive to foster a collective commitment to the work of planning and building non-motorized connections between all sectors of the City.

The PURPOSE of the Detroit Greenways Coalition is to:

  • Provide a collective voice for greenway planning, development and maintenance throughout the city.
  • Share best practices, lessons learned and strengthen communication.
  • Plan physical links between existing greenways.
  • Solve operational challenges such as insurance and maintenance.
  • Raise funds for construction, maintenance, and programming.
  • Advocate for policy change in government that would support greenway efforts.