Stormwater Management

Greenways and green streets provide an excellent opportunity to manage stormwater. Doing this can reduce flooding, improve water quality, and create beautiful natural areas. Green street designs can complement biking and walking on and along streets, too.

With funding from the Erb Family Foundation, we are working to bring more stormwater features to greenways and streets. The Beltline, Inner Circle, May Creek, and Rougeway Greenways are prime candidates for stormwater features. We’re also looking at changes to roads. Stormwater bumpouts can reduce motorist speeding, which benefits those who walk and bike along and across the road. The MDOT I-94 and I-375 projects also present excellent opportunities for adding green infrastructure that manages stormwater while enhancing the experience for those walking or biking in the area.

Some Green Streets have already been implemented in Detroit:

Under the updated Detroit Water and Sewage Department (DWSD) drainage charge program, customers can receive drainage charge credits for stormwater features. This may also be an opportunity to build more greenways with some costs offset by stormwater credits to DWSD customers.

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