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  • Detroit Trails Excluded
    Back in 2017, we were made aware that trails within the city of Detroit were not included in the Michigan Trails Magazine — both the print publication and the website — which claims to include “more than 180 of Michigan’s best non-motorized biking, hiking, cross-country skiing, and water… Read more: Detroit Trails Excluded
  • Right Turns and Bike Lanes
    There’s been some misinformation being shared on social media from bicyclists saying that motorists should be “adjacent to the curb, and sometimes that means entering what’s been striped as the ‘bike lane’”. That’s not correct. The cite Michigan Motor Vehicle Code, which says: (1) The driver of a… Read more: Right Turns and Bike Lanes
  • Four Big Wins
    Update: Shortly after this post was published, the Governor signed HB 4012. We’re involved in many different challenges at the city, state, and federal levels. We’ve been on a hot streak since late last year and we wanted to share the highlights of what we helped accomplish. Restoring… Read more: Four Big Wins
  • News from the Trail – January 2024
    Our January 2024 newsletter is online with stories on the Joe Louis Greenway, Complete Streets, and much more.
  • News from the Trail – December 2023
    Our December newsletter is now online with updates on greenways, Complete Streets, safety funding, and much more.
  • 2023 in Review
    This was a seriously good year for making biking, walking, and rolling better in the City of Detroit. Here are some of the highlights. Greenway Openings Complete Streets Road Safety (Dis)connecting Communities Miles of Bike Infrastructure (Centerline) New for 2023 Total Trails 1.3 24.8 Bike Routes (sharrows) 0… Read more: 2023 in Review