Bike Racks & Repair Stations

Among the necessary supports for bicycle transportation, bike parking stands out for being both vital and easy. Still, it requires some attention to get it right,” from the APBP Essentials of Bike Parking.

Bike parking options have definitely improved as more people are choosing bikes to get around Detroit. Still, there are many locations that need better parking options.

To ensure bike parking is done right, we recommend following the APBP Essentials of Bike Parking. This free guide helps determining optimal site location, installation, and rack designs. For schools, we recommend this School Bicycle Parking Assessment Report.

Bike racks that are installed in the public right-of-way (e.g. on the sidewalk) require a permit from the road authority. Typically that is the City of Detroit, though it could also be the state or county. Note that a key permitting consideration is that bike racks on sidewalks must not impede pedestrian travel, especially for those using mobility devices such as wheelchairs.

We also encourage the use of local bike rack vendors. Some offer covered bike shelters and lockers.

Brasco International
(313) 393-0393,
Bike racks and shelters
Made in Madison Heights
Bike shelter on Cass Avenue at Amsterdam
Delta Iron Works
(313) 579-1445
Custom bike racks
Made in West Village, Detroit
Custom bike rack at the Solanus Casey Center
Disenos Ornamental Iron
(313) 961-6966,
Custom bike racks
Made in Southwest Detroit
(734) 207-9700,
Bike racks, shelters, lockers, repair stations and more
Made in Canton
(866) 825-8659,
Stock bike racks
Made in Southwest Detroit
Laavu Studio
(313) 961-6966,
Custom bike racks
Clark Park
Parallel Studios
(313) 350-2664,
Custom bike racks
Spaulding Court bike racks
(734) 753-5630
Custom bike racks

Repair Stations

ESPAS in Macomb County has created a solar-powered bike repair station called the Solar Cycle Server. According to the manufacturer, these are ” commercial grade, fully-equipped, and perfect for all locations where bicyclists are present. Our station includes standard tools for all light bike repairs and handy hanger arms so pedals and wheels spin freely. The solar powered station includes motion-activated overhead light, powered air pump, and a USB port to charge mobile devices while bike repairs are underway.”

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