Pedestrian Rules

Just as with bicycling, the golden rule is to make sure your safety comes first. Motorists commonly do not know or recognize pedestrians or their legal right-of-ways.

Pedestrians are required to use CROSSWALKS if there are traffic signals nearby [Rule 28.1709] or within business districts [Rule 28.1710].  Otherwise, pedestrians can cross streets OUTSIDE OF CROSSWALKS but should yield to vehicles in the roadway [Rule 28.1706] and cross at a right angle to the curb [Rule 28.1705].

When crossing at a traffic light, pedestrians should only enter a crosswalk on a WALK signal but can continue crossing even if the signal switches to DON’T WALK [MCL 257.613].

Pedestrians should use SIDEWALKS where they are provided [MCL 257.655] and in safe condition. Otherwise, pedestrians should travel against traffic on the left side of the road whenever practicable [MCL 257.655]. Pedestrians are not allowed on freeways [MCL 257.679a].

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