The Detroit Greenways Coalition (DGC) works to promote and build a network of greenways, Complete Streets, and bike lanes that will connect people and places, improve the quality of life, beautify neighborhoods, and stimulate neighborhood-level economic development in Detroit.

Our MISSION is to create, conserve and promote greenways and green spaces in order to connect people, places and nature.

Our VISION is a strong, healthy, vibrant City of Detroit and region where a seamless network of greenways, green spaces, blue ways and complete streets is an integral part of people’s active lifestyle including day-to-day transportation and recreation.

We will collaborate to create a city-wide and regional Greenway vision, purpose and infrastructure.  Work to develop a collective imagination that is focused on a comprehensive greenway system for the City of Detroit. We strive to foster a collective commitment to the work of planning and building non-motorized connections between all sectors of the City.

The PURPOSE of the Detroit Greenways Coalition is to:

  • Provide a collective voice for greenway planning, development and maintenance throughout the city.
  • Share best practices, lessons learned and strengthen communication.
  • Plan physical links between existing greenways.
  • Solve operational challenges such as insurance and maintenance.
  • Raise funds for construction, maintenance, and programming.
  • Advocate for policy change in government that would support greenway efforts.
Our Greenway Network Vision from 2009

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

The Detroit Greenways Coalition recognizes the long-standing and current societal inequities that have their roots in generations of unjust structural barriers, policies, practices, attitudes, language and cultural messages have disproportionately impacted many minority groups. This includes people with disabilities that have been denied access to transportation infrastructure through design.This also includes bicycling advocacy and industry that have designed for and catered to more affluent, experienced bicyclists. We strongly embrace the needs and desires of all trail and bicycle users of all ages and abilities, all races, gender, and ethnicities, as well as all economic backgrounds.

We believe we must be intentional and transparent in our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity in order to achieve our ultimate objective—equal access to greenways and green spaces throughout all of Detroit.

We strive to make our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity evident in our organizational structure and policies; advocacy, programs, outreach activities, communications and publications; and in the composition of our board of directors, staff, and programming participation. We are committed to building an environment where all people feel welcomed, seen, heard and treated fairly. We believe all voices are important and valuable in growing this movement and fulfilling our mission.

Civil Rights Icon Ron Scott embraced bicycling as a means for bringing people and communities together.