Envision Detroit Greenways

The Detroit Greenway Coalition envisions a city that embraces bicycling and greenways as it builds toward a healthy and community focused future. This project is bringing together Detroiters to shape a 50-year vision for a network of first-class greenways that provide non-stop bicycle travel across the city of Detroit, something we’re calling Bicycle Thruways.

Detroit has a unique opportunity to realize this vision given the abundance of wide streets, abandoned rail corridors, and other open and underutilized space – not to mention a growing interest in bicycle use and greenways among residents across the city.

This project began in 2016 with facilitated visioning sessions across the city. This was a very intentional and inclusive process that brought forth many Detroit voices, including some that were new to planning efforts and some that do not ride bicycles.  We wanted the results to be based on input from a diverse group representing all facets of the Detroit we live in.

From this, our consultant The Greenway Guy and their team produced:

Fifty years may seem like a long time away, but with the rapidly increasing development of bicycle infrastructure across Detroit we need to set the table for the future. This report provides ideas and designs that can be incorporated into today’s projects such as the Inner Circle Greenway and the protected bike lane network.  An important role of the Detroit Greenway Coalition is to be the keeper and advocate for this long-term vision.

Though we are known as the “Motor City” that helped put the world on four wheels, we also have an untold history as a great bicycling city. That history continues today with the burgeoning bike club culture and events like Slow Roll. By implementing this vision, we can become a model for other cities – and help put the world on two wheels as well as four.

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