Riding near Streetcar Rails

BEWARE! The streetcar rails on Woodward Avenue are a significant safety hazard for bicyclists since they are often located along the curbs, where bicyclists ride and there is a gap next to the rail that can catch most bicycle tires and cause serious crashes.

Due to this Woodward being made less safe, bike lanes were added on Cass Avenue as an alternative north-south option. Still, bicyclists may find themselves riding near the rails, so here are some tips:

  • Ride across the rails at a right angle whenever possible.
  • Rails are slick when wet or icy. It may be safer to walk your bike across them.
  • Never squeeze your bicycle between the rails and curb — it’s a dangerous place to ride. Experienced bicyclists can be in the roadway away from the rails, while others may prefer riding slowly on the sidewalk.

It is legal for bicyclists to safely ride in the road. Streetcars must share the curb lane with all legal road users. However, bicyclists are not allowed to ride “with the intent to delay or impede a streetcar.”