Complete Streets Greenways Newsletter

News from the Trail – March 2017


We’re on the Bridge

We can now share the official news: bicycles and pedestrians will be allowed on the new Gordie Howe International Bridge between Detroit and Windsor.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a new trail between the two countries. It took years of being a persistent voice, working with various US and Canadian officials, organizing bike tourism support from Montreal to Montana, and even creating an international greenway map. We’re looking forward to riding and hiking the bridge when it opens in 2022.

Riverfront East

If you were unable to attend the recent Detroit Riverfront East Planning meeting, you missed quite a bit. The City of Detroit, Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, and Detroit Economic Growth Corporation made some major announcements, including new RiverWalk segments (UniRoyal too!), the Beltline Greenway, the new Campau Greenway, and bike lanes along E. Jefferson. We believe there is an opportunity to incorporate designs from our 50-year vision into these announced projects. The exciting details are on

Detroit Bike Share

Detroit Bike Share is hiring Neighborhood Ambassadors. Job submissions are due March 17th. Additional details on Ambassador position, expections, pay, and more on are available in this document. The bike share operator, Shift Transit is also hiring Launch Associates and Bicycle Mechanics.

Upcoming Events
Annual Garage Sale
March 11th 3-6p
Back Alley Bikes used bike sale helps fund their youth bicycle programing.
Additional DetailsDetroit Bike Share Mtg
March 14th 6pm
A free community meeting to discuss equitable access and bike share.

Greater Islandview & Villages Planning Mtgs
March 14, 21 & 23 6-8p

Discuss biking, walking, the Beltline Greenway & more.
Additional Details

DGC Volunteer Cleanup
April 8th 8am to noon
We’re partnering with the city to cleanup St. Aubin. More details to follow.

Bike to Work Day
May 19th
Mark your calendars. Details to come!


Greenways Newsletter

News from the Trail – February 2017


Hopefully you’ve had the opportunity to enjoy this odd spring-like weather. We’ve seen many of you out biking and walking.

“Get your town on the ‘great bike cities’ list”

The national People for Bikes industry group is asking people from around the country to provide feedback about bicycling in their city. The online survey is fairly simple. The results will be part of a new bicycle friendliness rating. From a Detroit perspective, we’re not sure it’ll be any more or less accurate than the Bicycle Friendly Community program, but we’re still encouraging people to take the survey — and you might win a bike.

Detroit Bike Share

With the public system getting closer to launching this spring, Detroit Bike Share is looking to hire people for their Neighborhood Ambassadors Program – a diverse group of community leaders who will advocate for the system, encourage safe cycling practices, and introduce bike share to their neighbors. Please share this with anyone who might be interested.

Upcoming Events

There are some exciting events listed to the right. Unfortunately the Riverfront meeting and Khan lecture overlap. Both will be great.

There will also be meetings in mid-March for the Greater Islandview Planning process. This includes planning for the Beltline Greenway and more. We’ll be sure to share those dates once they are announced.

Reoccuring Donations

After a great deal of discussion, the Coalition decided to switch from an individual membership model to a donation model. That doesn’t change the fact that we greatly rely on this funding to keep operating. One additional change is we now support reoccurring payments on either a monthly or annual basis. We hope this added flexibility makes donating more convenient.

Upcoming Events
A Huge Announcement
March 1st
We’re sworn to secrecy until then but it’s something we’ve been working on for years.Janette Sadik-Khan
March 1st 5:30pm
Dynamic former NYC Transportation Commissioner speaks at UDM. Free event.
More Details

East Riverfront Mtg
March 1st 6pm
Get the latest on the East Riverfront Framework Plan

Bike to Work Day
May 19th
Mark your calendars. Details to come!