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Coalition Updates – January 2017

We hope your 2017 is starting well. Ours is and we wanted to share some updates.

Our 50-Year Vision

We’re rolling out our 50-year vision for future where Bicycle Thruways offer non-stop, safe, and pleasant bicycle travel across Detroit. Thanks to the many supporters and participants that have gotten this vision to this point, but we’re not done. We are continuing this community discussions, refining the vision, and working to incorporate it into current and forthcoming plans.

More information on this project and how you can help are on our web site.

Safety and Education

Everyone recognizes the need to better educate motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians on how to safely operate around the new bike lanes, but especially the protected bike lanes. This is critically important as Detroit is becoming a national leader in implementation this new design. We’re part of a safety education workgroup that’s tackling this issue.

We’ve also worked with MDOT to update their brochure, What Every Michigan Driver should know about Bicycle Lanes. We expect to have printed brochures available in the coming months.

Lastly, our Public Allies of Metro Detroit safety proposal was accepted. This means we’ll have a team available this spring/summer to help with education programming.

Greenways and Stormwater

We have received grant funding from the Erb Family Foundation to continue our work on integrating stormwater management into Detroit greenways. There is a great opportunity to combine both efforts in a mutually beneficial manner, especially with the upcoming changes to Detroit Water and Sewage’s drainage fees. We’re involved in the discussion of how greenways could be part of the offsite stormwater management and credit program.

Model D recently interviewed us on this growing discussion.

We look forward to giving you more exciting updates as the year progresses. Thanks for helping making this happen in Detroit!

Upcoming Events
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January 15th
Fundraiser for Back Alley Bikes

MLK JR. Ride
January 16th
Free ride from Tour de Troit

Complete Streets Public Meeting
January 17th
Meyers Ave
Complete Streets Public Meeting
January 18th
Warren Ave

Bike to Work Day
May 19th
Hold the date!