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Detroit’s bike scene has been covered around the world. Bikes have been photographed for British Newspapers, flown into Berlin art galleries, and brought to nationwide bike gatherings in Las Vegas, Nevada – one in particular called “One Big Club.” It’s captivated people beyond the City of Detroit with lights, streetwise style and strong community elements that are all proof the bike scene is here to stay in the revitalization of Detroit.

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Greenways Policy

Detroit Bike Clubs in Lansing to support trails

Photo by Pattrick Yockey, Senate Majority Photographer

We worked with the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance (MTGA) on a Michigan Senate Resolution in support of Joe Louis, the Joe Louis Greenway and Detroit trails in general. Sponsored by Senator David Knezek, Senate Resolution 115 went before the Senate Committee on Outdoor Recreation and Tourism last week. We thought this was a great opportunity to testify before state legislators and share all that is happening with trails and biking in Detroit.

To do that effectively, we invited Detroit bike club officers to join us. Their organizations and club rides are really helping move things forward in Detroit. We rented a van, bought them lunch, and drove them to Lansing to tell that story.